Let's Do Life Together

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As a family, we love joining together and having fun. While we do have life groups during the week, we also have special events throughout the year. Feel free to bring your friends with you. These events aren't only designed for "church-goers" they're designed for people who are searching for God, wanting friendships or needing a helping hand. When we meet you, you'll quickly realize three things. We love cracking jokes, we love Jesus and we love food.

Durham House of Prayer

  • Our house of prayer is never the same each week
  • You can stay and leave anytime you want
  • Live worship with spontaneous singing
  • You are free to sit, stand, pace up and down the aisles or read your bible during worship.
  • Rapid Fire Prayer: 10 to 15 second corporate prayers focused in on one topic (ex. salvation)
Every Friday night at 7 PM in Pickering Ontario (Doors are open at 6:30 PM)