About True Life Church

The Toronto Blessing revival movement has shifted the world and we are honoured to be a part of its legacy.

Partners In Harvest is a family of churches and ministries worldwide that was birthed as a result of the incredible revival that began in Toronto in 1994 under the ministry of John & Carol Arnott.

This revival has deeply touched church and people all around the world, such as Bill Johnson (Bethel Church), Francis Chan, Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Heidi Baker, Kenneth Copeland, Mike Bickle, Randy Clark and many more!


Our Leadership

Meet the lead team who set the vision of True Life Church.

Our Code

Learn the ten values that keep the vision of True Life Church clear. These values reflect our priority to reach people with the Gospel.

Our Beliefs

See how we view God, Jesus, the Bible, man, and many significant aspects of our faith. Firmly rooted in Scripture, the beliefs of True Life guide our decisions as a church.